Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A Call To Action!

If Bush Uses Veto, We Should Shut Down the Ports.

I just had a hernia surgery yesterday. I'm in constant pain and it hurts just to sit in my chair to type. But this issue is too important. I will crawl to stand in front of the gates of the ports in my hometown of Philadelphia if I have to.

The Bush administration is trying to make this a racial issue. I totally reject this. I understand that some people will make their decision based on race, but this is because the Bush administration has made Americans afraid of, or hateful of Arabs and Muslims. But the leaders in Congress have a more informed fear of giving the UAE control of our ports.

The raised probability of infiltration is the greatest concern being expressed by just about everybody who’s been following this story. It’s just common sense that it would be easier to infiltrate an international corporation if there are major shareholders or high level executives that may have contributed to Al-Qaeda in the past. As we all know, many affluent citizens and princes in the UAE are suspected to have financially supported Al-Qaeda before 9/11. The hit on UBL during that hunting expedition was scrubbed because there was a UAE prince with the party. I don’t remember hearing anything about any of these princes being held to account for their support of Al-Qaeda. This is one of the biggest causes of my concern. I don’t oppose this deal simply because it is an Arab company. I oppose it because I don’t trust the Bush administration’s judgment. They’ve told us before that we should trust them on things like this. Did we find the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Were we greeted as liberators in Iraq? Did we catch Osama Bin Laden? Do you feel safer today?

This sounds like Bush wants to reward the UAE for its “support” in the “War on Terror”. Fine, give them something else. Give them anything else, as long as it has nothing to do with national security. The support for this decision by CFUS, a Treasury Department agency that nobody seems to know anything about, and the Bush administration just boggles the mind. So when you hear the Bush administration try to convince you that this is the right thing to do, think of these points here.

1. It is President Bush who sowed fear within the American public regarding "Arab Terrorists". Now, to be surprised when we question his judgment to allow a nationalized Arab country's port management company to control the port operations of 6 major US ports is just stupid.

2. U.K. based P&O has been involved in some of these shipyards since WW2. Somewhere around +or- 1000 P&O ships were sunk in the Atlantic ferrying US aid to England and, if I'm not mistaken, P&O was used to transport US troops to the front including the invasion force for D-Day.

3. This isn't about the foreign ownership, or operation of our ports. Though I would support an American owned port system, this is about how the Bush administration does business. They tried to pigeon hole this sale behind our backs knowing/or not, how the American people would feel. This is absolutely frightening.

4. With the Homeland Security Dept. in charge of "putting our minds at ease" how can anyone expect this deal to turn out to be anything other than a total disaster?

5. Remember the UAE Princes that were hunting with Bin Laden when that air strike was called off? That makes me nervous.

6. The UAE was the main transit point for the smuggling of nuclear technologies to Syria, North Korea, Libya and Iran.

7. We all know that contracts, political appointments, and the nomination to key government positions has less and less to do with merit based objectivity and more to do with money and corporate loyalty. This puts the claims of any objective investigation into the background of this company into question.

8. As for the 95% unchecked cargo, smugglers don't smuggle if they don't have at least one person on the receiving end of an international shipment. They need to have someone behind the customs line on the receiving end. This transaction will give them the chance to put that one person in such a position.

If anybody has the ability to organize the protest of this sale by picketing the ports involved, please take action. This is too important to leave it up to just the government. We need to show the true breath of the people’s opposition. It is our right. It is our duty. It is our security.


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