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Monday, August 14, 2006

Basra Council Refuses Maliki Order to dissolve. By Definition, This is Civil War.

As posted on's English language website, the local government of Basra has refused to step aside under orders from Prime Minister Maliki. The local government, supported by well armed Shia Militias, including the Mahdi Army, defied the order to turn over power to an emergency committee appointed by the Prime Minister. Furthure confirmation of Maliki's order can be found on Al-Rafidayn (note: this is a Google translation).

Security worsens in Basra as council rejects PM's decision

By Nidhal Al-Laithi

Azzaman, August 10, 2006

The provincial council in the southern city of Basra has turned down an order by Prime Minister Noouri al-Maliki to dissolve and pass its responsibilities to an emergency committee.

Following a meeting, the council issued a defiant statement saying it would not abide by Maliki's order.

The council is backed by powerful militias who wield immense power in the province.

The provincal security forces and the 10th army division deployed in Basra have declared allegiance to Maliki.

However, it is not clear whether the city's police forces and army would move against the council if asked by Maliki, who is also the commander-in-chief.

If they do they will risk clashing with the heavily armed militias and causing bloodshed in the city, home to more than 2 million people.

Maliki had dissolved the council and stripped it of its powers.

He formed a new committee to run Basra's affairs particularly the security forces.

The committee says it has the support of the city's police and the army division stationed there.

Basra, where most of Iraq's oil output and exports originate, is now one of the most violent places in the country.

Militias of religious parties control the city and government offices in it.

They are reported to have most of the 18,000 workers at the Southern Oil Company on their side and they frequently have threatened to halt oil production and exports if the government tries to limit their influence.

As pointed out by blogger "Dems Will Win" at Democratic Underground this story has yet to be covered by the MSM.

Thru out the rise of sectarian violence in Iraq, the White House has rebuked any attempt to describe it as a "Civil War", claiming that the techincal definition has not been met. This, as many will find it hard to deny, meets the technical definition.

According to Newsweek,the White House has been planning to pull the troops out of Iraq in the event of a civil war. It looks like the time has come.

We need to pull back and fix our broken forces. This misconcieved war has degraded our ability to defend ourselves against future attacks. And with all the new enemies Bush and Company have made for us, we need to prepare for a long fight for our very existance.

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Friday, August 11, 2006

Gen. Clark, your time has come.

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